Deposit $25 & earn up to $5,000 Cashback - UFX

Deposit $25 & earn up to $5,000 Cashback - UFX

Deposit as little as $25 & gain exclusive access to the ONLY online trading Cashback rewards programme. Earning Cashback is easy. The bigger the position you open, the more Cashback you earn. It’s that simple.

Our rebate bonus scheme will allow you to claim real cash back money when specified targets (such as for example but not limited: volume, rebate per trade, etc) amounts are completed before the promotion’s expiration time. Targets are applicable as per the specific rebate promotion.


Bonus Link: Apply

Available for - New & Existing Client.

End Date – Dec 31, 2017

Bonus - Deposit $25 & earn up to $5,000 Cashback


Apply for Bonus

1. Simply fill in the registration form.

2. Select Rebate Promotion.


Terms & Condition


  1. The rebate bonus scheme may apply to all financial instruments or to specific ones from time to time; the rebate amount available per financial instruments is indicated in each asset box on your trading terminal and will be added to your cashback wallet at the opening of a new trade.

  2. As soon as you completed the required target, you will be able to manually claim the accumulated cashback amount. You will have to claim the cashback by clicking the relevant button in the cashback wallet.

  1. The claimed amount will be transferred to your account and will be available for immediate withdrawal without any additional requirements.

  2. If the expiration time is reached before the targets are completed, we may inform you of three options, as applicable:

  • Get extra time

  • Assign a new target and carry over the accumulated cashback amount.

  1. Extra time, if offered, will only be offered one time per target. If you chose to switch to a new target, you may carry over your accumulated cashback.

  1. As long as you have a completed the target but an unclaimed cashback, no additional promotion will be issued to you. If you reach your target and wish to participate in a new promotion, you will have to first claim the cashback money from the previous promotion. Clients trading through our dealing room will have to claim the cashback on the trading platform.

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March 6, 2017
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