$30 WELCOME BONUS - tenkofx

$30 WELCOME BONUS - tenkofx


No demo account can simulate the market precisely. Use the current bonus to trade on real market responsibly. We hope it will be the start of a long and cooperative relationship.

Bonus Link: Apply

Available for - New Clients

End Date - Dec 31, 2017



Apply for Bonus

1. Register at TenkoFX.com.

2. Make a verification deposit of 3 USD.

3. Create new STP account in USD.

4. Transfer your deposit from MoneyBox to Trading account. Tick the bonus checkbox for activation.


Terms & Condition

1. Each new client is eligible for the bonus only once. Participants to previous 20 USD promo are not eligible for the current bonus.

2. Bonus participants are strictly obliged to use own e-wallets or bank card. Third partly payments will be considered as a violation of promo terms.

3. Bonus and profit withdrawal could be done after fulfillment of trading volume requirement of 10 lots. Early withdrawal will cancel the bonus amount and profit.

4. Withdrawal of bonus related earnings will be done to personal bank account only. Prior ID verification will be required.

5. In case of bonus terms violation client’s TenkoDESK account and trading account will be blocked. Verification deposit of 3 USD is non-refundable.

6. TenkoFX reserves the right to terminate or amend terms of the promo at any time.

7. Partners are entitled for commissions only after 10 lots of trading volume have been fulfilled or after bonus cancellation.

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March 6, 2017
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