KingSize MT5 contest - RoboForex

KingSize MT5 contest - RoboForex


The “KingSize MT5” contest for MetaTrader5 demo accounts is held weekly each Thursday and takes 24 hours. After each competition is finished, first ten traders, who opened the orders with the biggest volume, share the prize pool.

The prize pool is distributed between ten best traders of the competition according to their final ranking. The prize money is transferred to the winners’ real MetaTrader5 accounts as a bonus. The winner has no right to withdraw the prize money from the account, only the profit. The conditions of how to withdraw profit can be found in “Rules” section.

Bonus Link: Apply

Available for - All New & Exixting Client.

Start Time – Each Thursday, at 8:00 p.m. (server time)

End Time – Each Friday, at 8:00 p.m. (server time)

End Date – Dec 31, 2017

Duration – Contest Held on every week (Thursday- Friday)

Bonus - KingSize MT5 contest.


Apply for Bonus

1. Register for an MT5 Demo PRO account.

2, Verify your account and join the contest.


Terms & Condition

  1. Verification of your Members Area.

  2. A nickname at the Company’s official Message Board, which is linked to your Members Area.

  3. Initial deposit — $1,000 (initial balance is deposited one minute before the competition starts).

  4. Stop Out level — 20%.

  5. Leverage — 1:200.

  6. Account type — MT5 Demo Pro.

  7. Trading platform — MetaTrader5.

  8. The number and size of positions opened at the same time are not limited.

  9. At the end of the competition all open orders will be automatically closed by force.

  10. In case it is technically impossible to close all orders at the same time, they will be closed in turn, and the difference in closing time will not be considered as reason for complaint or recalculation of the participants' final balance.

  11. Expert Advisors (scripts) are prohibited.

  12. Close family members and affiliated persons are not allowed to register and participate in the same competition.

  13. The same IP-address (PC) can't be used by several participants.

  14. Participants, who break the contest rules, will be disqualified and will not have the right to claim any prize.


Prizes of the contest

  • Prize pool — $1,000.

  • Prize pool is distributed between 10 best traders of the competition according to their final ranking.

  • The prize is to be paid only after a winner after passes the verification procedure of their Members Area at the RoboForex Company.

  • Prize Money is a bonus, which may be withdrawn only after all the requirements described below are fulfilled.

  • The following types of RoboForex MT4, MT5, and CopyFX trading accounts are available to you for receiving your prize money: Fix-Cent, Pro-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Standard.

  • To receive the prize, you need to send ContestFX at the RoboForex message board a private message, specifying your account number.

  • Before the requirements are fulfilled, you aren’t allowed to withdraw a sum which exceeds your Profit.

  • If the bonus account is deposited with a client’s own funds, then in case of a negative balance on the account, our policy is that a client loses his own funds first.

  • Once a StopOut takes place, Prize Money is written off the account.


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