XM is offering all its clients the opportunity to win, with no risk and no entry fee, a share of the $50,000 prize pool in each Qualifying Round, progress to the Semi-Final Round and, if qualified, to the Final Round where a $500,000 prize pool will be distributed to the winners.

Bonus Link: Apply


Available for - All New Client.

End Date – May 19, 2017




Apply for Bonus

1. Open an Account.

2. Register a Nickname.

3. Login to the XM Contest Arena and Compete to Win.


Prize Details

1st $150,000

2nd $100,000

3rd $75,000

4th $40,000

5th $35,000

6th $30,000

7th $25,000

8th $20,000

9th $15,000

10th $10,000


Terms & Condition


1. All clients who have a validated real account with XM and have accepted the Contest’s terms and conditions have the right to participate in the Contest (hereinafter the "Contestants").

2. Clients may register to the Contest up to approximately three (3) weeks prior its commencement, or as otherwise specified by XM. Late registration is also available subject to XM's approval.

3. Contest participation is not open to XM's employees or their relatives.

4. One registration equates to one client, as the consideration is based on a ‘per client’ and not on a ‘per account’ basis. In the case where two or more clients use the same credentials XM reserves the right to disqualify all Contestants using the said same credentials.

5. Contestants must register their desired unique Contest nickname from within the Members Area, which cannot be used by any other Contestant. The nickname registered will be the Contestants’ alias in the Contest rankings.

6. Once a client registers to the Contest, a contest account will be created which will be used for trading in the context of the Contest ("Contest Account"). Contest Accounts will be set only in USD currency.


Prize Conditions


1. All prizes from each round are withdrawable. Prizes of $200 and above are allowed to be withdrawn only via bank wire to the bank account of the Contestant.

2. Any prizes below $200 are allowed to be withdrawn either to a bank account of the Contestant (i.e. bank wire) or to an account held in any electronic wallet available in the Contestant’s withdrawal section in the Members Area. No other withdrawal methods are accepted and any withdrawals requested via any method other than the aforesaid will be rejected.

3. All prizes from the Contests are withdrawable.

4. All positions that are open at the time each round ends will be automatically closed at prevailing market prices.

5. The final results of completed rounds cannot be revised.

6. Disqualified participants will lose their right to claim prizes in all rounds of the contest.

7. In the event that a Contestant no longer wishes to participate in the Contest he may opt-out of the Contest by sending such a request via email and our competent department will process the request and inform the said Contestant.

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March 6, 2017
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