Any Deposit Bonus +40% – Grand Capital

Any Deposit Bonus +40% – Grand Capital


Grand Capital offers 40% bonus for each deposit, No limit to the amount. The Bonus offer is applicable only on Standard, Swap Free, Investor and Master account.

Bonus Link: Apply

Available for - All New Clients

End Date - Dec 31, 2017

Bonus - Any Deposit Bonus +40%


Apply for Bonus

1. Register a live account.

2. Submit a request in the Private Office during the term of the promotion.


Bonus on Trading Account


1. Standard, Swap Free, Investor, Master


Terms & Condition

1. The promotion is valid indefinitely.

2. Only verified users can participate in the promotion. For verification, you should download the scan of your passport to Private Office. You should also verify your mobile number. The organizer reserves the right to require additional documents for identification.

3. Your account’s leverage can’t exceed 1:100.

4. The bonus is available after each deposit. At that you should have at your account funds equal deposit or more than 50% of the deposit (if the application for the bonus and the deposit made at different times).

5. Bonus funds can be used for trading for 6 month, then you can deposit up 10% of bonus funds' amount and bonus funds will be available for another 6 month.

6. Other promotions of the Company aren’t applied to the account participating in this promotion. If any other bonus is already available on the account then “Bonus for each deposit” may be granted after the cancellation of all other bonuses.

7. At withdrawal balance of your own funds shouldn’t be less than the amount needed to provide bonus. Otherwise bonus funds are debited proportionately to your own funds.

8. Any withdrawal requests and transfers to other accounts are taken into account as a withdraw.

9. Bonus funds can’t be withdrawn from the account. However client can arbitrarily use profit received in the trade with a bonus funds.

10. Bonus funds gradually become the property of the client in active trade. The client must make trade deals worth 1 full lot for transfer to the property $3.

11. Minimum application for transfer bonus funds ti the client’s property is $50. You can apply for a free-form in your Private Office.

12. Bonus is deducted from the account in full after the promotional period.

13. Bonus shouldn't exceed the account balance.

14. The maximum amount of the bonus funds can't exceed $20 000.

15. Within 48 hours after sending a request, it is considered and then the bonus is credited to the trading account.

16. In case of withdrawal the bonus is reduced be 40% of withdrawal amount.


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March 6, 2017
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